Teton Valley Education Foundation Receives Pledged Gift from Donald C. Brace Foundation

May 23, 2013

The Teton High School English Department will purchase new novel sets and complete existing sets through a generous pledged gift of $13,000 from the Donald C. Brace Foundation through the Teton Valley Education Foundation. The contribution will also support Teton School District’s efforts in preparation for the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Reading mandates that are costly and largely unfunded.

Recently, Idaho mandated that schools begin practicing and teaching the CCSS in all subject areas in the 2013-2014 school year, with testing and assessments in the year following. However, many rural schools such as Teton School District has limited resources to effectively implement these measures due to slim budgets resulting from less state funding each year.  Public support, philanthropy, and volunteerism pave the way to support educational mandates, quality programs and classroom enhancements that may not be otherwise possible. This award will allow Teton High School to purchase additional novels sets, complete existing book sets to improve literacy and support comprehension, research and writing. “Teton High School’s English teachers are extremely grateful for the generous gift from the Donald C. Brace Foundation which will fund the acquisition of literary texts that are in compliance with the rigorous standards established by the CCSS,” said Diane Green, Teton High School English Teacher.

The Donald C. Brace Foundation provided a pledge gift through the Tin Cup Challenge, which will leverage their donation approximately 51% through matched funding; leveraging the gift to over $19,500, making additional purchases possible. The Community Foundation of Teton Valley hosts the Tin Cup Challenge, an annual giving campaign that encourages the entire community to give through matched funds through a generous group of Community Challengers. Thanks to matched funds, participating nonprofits, such as the Teton Valley Education Foundation, and others, are able to focus on and develop the projects and programs that have the greatest impact in our community.

“The Donald C. Brace Foundation deserves special recognition and thanks for their contributions towards promoting quality public schools through the Tin Cup Challenge. It is energizing to see philanthropy at work, and how those dollars are matched to provide so much more for our public schools.  You can see how making contributions through the Tin Cup Challenge results in greater gifts and opportunities for our public schools and so many other local nonprofits,” said Kelly Chircop, Teton Valley Education Foundation Board President.

For more information on the Teton Valley Education Foundation, please visit www.tvhfoundation.orgor call Diane Tauer Temple at 208-419-6219.  The Teton Valley Education Foundation’s mission is to enhance opportunities for excellence in Teton School District #401 through educational programs and community partnerships.  To learn more about how your contributions to the Teton Valley Education Foundation can make a greater impact through the Community Foundation of Teton Valley’s Tin Cup Challenge, please visit www.cftetonvalley.orgor call 354-0230.   The Community Foundation of Teton Valley giving period will open 9 am, Friday, May 24 and close 5:00 pm on Monday, July 29.