Teton Valley Education Foundation Awards Grants to Teton County School

August 3, 2012

Teton Valley Education Foundation Awards Grants to Teton County School

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August 3, 2012
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$2,500 awarded in the to fund classroom innovations, support mental health and kindergarten classroom enhancements.

Teton Valley Education Foundation funded up to $2,500 in their Fall granting cycle towards Teton County School District #401, making a difference in quality education that would not be otherwise possible. Awarded educational projects will fund classroom innovations, support mental health programs and new technology, and support kindergarten classroom enhancements.

Awarded grant projects and grant recipients included:

VOICE Student to Student Mentoring Program, Trip to Badger Creek Outdoor Learning Center, Ms. Fisher, Counselor, Teton High School. Teton High School (THS) counselors, administrators and teachers identified the transition for 9th grade students into high school as difficult both academically, and socially. In 2011, the VOICE Student to Student Program was created, in partnership with Idaho Drug Free Youth, to enhance the caring community at THS and help transition 9th grade students more successfully into high school careers with older students and adults. The objective of the VOICE program is to provide every student with a caring older peer to give guidance and support in areas of healthy decision making, academic skills and character development. In turn, these partnerships enable the 9th graders to be more successful, productive and engaged members of their school community. As a part of the VOICE Student to Student curriculum, students attended and participated in outdoor experiences at the Badger Creek Outdoor Learning Center, where they had the opportunity to face ropes course challenges and other physical obstacles that enabled them to build trust and confidence in a controlled and safe environment.

Beyond Question (BQ) Student Response System, Mr. Abraham, Environmental Science, Teton High School. A BQ system is an innovative wireless system for a classroom that equips each student a handheld device and that allows them to respond to answers remotely. The system allows the teacher to receive answers instantaneously from the entire classroom. The new technology allows 100% of the students to participate in classroom question and answer sessions; including students who may not have otherwise participated due to being shy or embarrassed. The instantaneous feedback will also allow teachers to determine if there is sufficient understanding on a topic prior to moving on to a new lesson.

Kindergarten Dramatic Play and Blocks, Kindergarten Teachers, Victor, Driggs and Tetonia Elementary Schools. With kindergarten moving from half-day to full day for the 2011-2012 school year, the longer day presented additional classroom needs and challenges for the teachers. The awarded application will fund additional play time toys and dramatic play materials to fill the activities associated with a longer day. These resources will support play time with open-ended materials which will allow for children to work with others, solve problems and promote self-directed exploration. These activities and play time will help support children’s social and developmental progress throughout the year.

Heart Math Institute, Mr. Robison, Counselor, Teton High School. Heart Math Institute programs helps people of all ages connect with the power and intelligence of their hearts and self-regulate emotions and anxiety to reduce stress and find rebalance. The system will focus on reducing students’ stress level by using technology to monitor and implement strategies in stress reduction and help them understand the power of positive emotions. The students are able to see immediate feedback and learn how to cope with major life challenges which will improve their health and well-being.

The Teton Valley Education Foundation’s Fall Cycle of grant applications was particularly exciting this year as teachers focused on student interactivity. “The current grant cycle illustrates that Teton Valley Education Foundation grants are moving beyond simple charity into empowering students to not only achieve academically, but mentally, focusing on the whole individual which leads to healthier, more engaged students, ” states Diane Temple, Executive Director.

Teton Valley Education Foundation (TVEF) mission is to enhance opportunities for excellence in Teton School District (TSD) 401 through educational programs and community partnerships. To find out more about the Teton Valley Education Foundation, visit www.tetoneducation.com or email, dtemple@d401.k12.id.us.



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