Teton School District #401 Receives Grant Award through CHC Foundation

November 5, 2013

Teton School District #401 Receives Grant Award through CHC Foundation to support US Government Classroom Resources at Teton School District

Teton School District #401 received a $6,050 grant award from CHC Foundation with Teton Valley Education providing matched funds with respective amounts of $4,850 and $1,200 as part of the “Government Alive!  Power, Politics and You” curriculum initiative.  The award will support new US Government textbooks and a 6-year subscription for government classroom digital resources for Teton High School.

The grant funding supports updated textbooks and digital resources to provide students with current information required to understand the political system. Namely, current US Government textbooks offer students relevant information about recent legislation and Supreme Court cases, campaigns and elections, current debates over issues like healthcare and government spending, and post-9/11 actions by all branches of government that have impacted the political landscape. These current and relevant resources will give students essential insight into the political system in which they must be prepared to participate and eventually lead.

Rose Hendricks, US Government teacher commented, “Thisgenerous grant from the CHC Foundation provides Teton High School with a student-centered and information-rich U.S. Government curriculum. The curriculum also integrates 21st Century technology, so students will be able to access resources in print or digital format. Text can be read in Spanish and English, or listened to using the digital audio feature. The impact of this grant is significant in providing Teton High School students curriculum that is accessible and engaging.”

Teton Valley Education Foundation provided matching funds to help leverage the grant.  Kelly Chircop, Teton Valley Education Foundation Board President commented, “Philanthropy and private foundations help fill the gaps in continuing to provide quality education for our students.  We are grateful for the CHC Foundation, and many others for helping make a positive difference in our classrooms.

About CHC Foundation: CHC Foundation is an independent philanthropic private foundation located in Idaho Falls, and was created in 1985.  CHC Foundation roots are the Sacred Heart Hospital, which was established in 1941 by the Franciscan Order of Perpetual Adoration, and which in later years became Community Hospital of Idaho Falls and Parkview Hospital. 

About Teton Valley Education Foundation: TVEF works to enhance the educational experiences for students and increases opportunities for academic excellence in Teton County public schools.  For more information on the Teton Valley Education Foundation, please visitwww.tetoneducation.comor call 208-419-6219.