Our Programs

kidsreadingTeton Valley Education Foundation enhances educational excellence in our public schools through a variety of ways.

Through your support, we are able to fund the following programs.

TVEF Classroom Grants

Each year, our funders make it possible for the TVEF to set aside approximately $15,000 to support teachers with developing innovative new programs in their classroom, along with classroom supplies, books, technology and field trips. Grant applications are taken three times a year and are competitively judged by members of the TVEF Board of Directors. Applicants must give a brief overview of their request to the board and determinations are made based on a rubric aligning the grants with the TVEF’s mission.

Backpacks for Kids

The Teton Valley Education Foundation provides backpacks for children whose parents are economically disadvantaged. The children are identified through the Subs for Santa program and TVEF purchases the backpacks so students can start the school year ready to succeed.


Art Reach is another long-term program funded through the generosity of our donors. Starting in 2016, ArtReach is being expanded to two art classes a month for K-5 students! Without this program, our elementary students would not be exposed to art which is critical to early learning. ArtReach is funded by the Karl M Johnson Foundation, U.S. Bank Foundation and the Gladys E. Langroise Advised Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation.

Spanish for Kids

Started in 2017-18, Teton Valley Education Foundation is proud to partner with the Community Foundation of Teton Valley and the Applestone Foundation to sponsor Spanish lessons twice a month to all K-3 students in TSD 401. Our goal is to expose students to the Spanish language at an early age while also encouraging their Spanish-speaking friends to become their mentors. Spanish Language for Kids is taught by Jennifer Marvin.

Hearing and Vision Screening

The Teton Valley Education Foundation offers annual hearing and vision screening in Teton Valley’s elementary schools through a partnership with the Idaho Eastern Region Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation.

Advance notice is given to parents through each school of the upcoming screening. Parents can opt out of the screening if they choose. For children who are referred for vision screening, the Teton Valley Education Foundation partners with Teton Valley Vision Clinic to handle vision referrals. TVEF will pay for eyeglasses and/or hearing aids for those families who cannot afford it.

For children under the age of 18 on Medicaid and insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act, exams and eyeglasses are automatically covered and their families will not have to pay out of pocket.

This Critical Needs Program is funded through a grant from the Community Foundation of Teton Valley.


GAP! was started during the summer of 2017. GAP! programming is based off of critical research done around today’s most successful women from many walks of life. Research shows that thriving women possess three characteristics that allow her to become a ninja in her life endeavors: competence, confidence, and community connectedness. Meetings are designed for active community experience to enhance these characteristics.GAP! is a one-week adventure during the summer for middle school girls.

Teton  High School Academic Awards Banquet

Started in the Fall of 2017, the THS Academic Awards Banquet paid tribute to the high school’s top academic students. Sponsored by the Community Foundation of Teton Valley, the Teton Valley Education Foundation, Teton School District 401, Teton High School and Teton Valley News, this event was a resounding success. Not only did it highlight the academic achievements of the top 10 percent but showcased some of the educators who made an impact on these students’ lives.

Judith Johnston Summer Writing Society

Reliving childhood memories of happily diagramming sentences was the impetus behind John Unland contacting the Teton Valley Education Foundation about starting a summer writing program. Thanks to John and his wife, Linda, this program became a reality during the summer of 2017. Led by Teton High School AP English teacher, Jason Ruff, the writing group met eight times over the summer. During that time, the writers read and discussed various one-act plays, delved into the craft of writing plays, and worked together on original one-acts. Each writer brought her in-progress work to each meeting for table reading, commentary, and suggestions for further revision.

Expedition Yellowstone

Each year, TVEF seeks funding to support important out-of-the-classroom learning sessions such as Expedition Yellowstone and Teton Science School. Field trips to Yellowstone are highly sought after and are based on a lottery system. Those classes who do not draw Yellowstone trips are then sent to the Teton Science School. This week long trip helps 5th grade students learn more about science and explore the incredible place that we live in. Your donations to the TVEF make funding this program possible!


Robotics is a program partially funded by TVEF because of donors like you! Students learn how to design, prototype, build, program and troubleshoot a machine that will compete with other machines across the nation. This program not only stirs the students’ creative skills but teaches them important lessons in math, science, programming and manufacturing. The Robotics Program was funded by the Applestone Foundation and Basic Wastewater Solutions.

VOICE Student-to-Student Mentoring Program

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Teton Valley Education Foundation was able to support Teton High School’s VOICE program from its inception to 2017. During the fall of 2017, the Teton School District took over the funding for this program and made its continuance a goal of Teton High School.

The VOICE Student-to-Student Mentoring Program is an ongoing program where positive older students have a strong VOICE to influence younger students. Through monthly classroom connections and personal informal connections, mentors impact younger students and promote healthy decision making and character development. The VOICE program hosts the i2i, a program for incoming freshmen, that provides a forum where they learn that no matter what issue they are facing, they are not alone. It also brings to light the effects of bullying upon students. VOICE is a program of The Core Project.

TVEF Post-Secondary Scholarships

During 2013-2015, your support allowed us to award 12 Teton High School students with a small four-year scholarship that will help with expenses while in college. These scholarships are designed to encourage students to pursue a college degree and help them remain in school.