Classroom Grant Guidelines and Application

Classroom Grant Guidelines

The mission of the Education Foundation of Teton Valley’s Classroom Grant Program is to enhance and expand student learning opportunities with funding to support new and innovative ideas and/or to cover basic classroom needs that will serve a significant number of students for years to come.     

The Education Foundation uses the following rubric to guide its decision making during each classroom grant cycle:

Classroom Grant Rubric







Grant aligns with district strategic plan AND

EFTV mission

Grant aligns with district strategic plan OR

EFTV mission

Grant aligns with school goals

Does not align with district strategic plan or mission


New, creative ideas; new to district; new methodology

New to school or grade

New idea to teacher

A needed item

Quality of Impact

Significant student growth

High potential for student growth

Likely to yield student growth


Quantity of Students

District wide

School wide

more than 3 teachers

1-2 teachers


3+ years of use

2-3 years of use

1 year

1 semester

Grant Application Requirements

The Classroom Grant Application Packet contains the following documents that MUST be submitted with each grant request:

  1. Cover Sheet
  2. Grant Narrative
  3. Signature Sheet

The Principal of the school who will benefit from the proposed project MUST APPROVE the grant application. If the proposed project benefits the entire district, the District Superintendent must APPROVE the application in place of the Principal.  If the grant application is being submitted electronically, in lieu of a principal signature, please have the principal send an email verifying approval of your grant request, to    


Applications are typically due on the following dates:

  • Fall Grant Cycle – September 10
  • Winter Grant Cycle – January 10
  • Spring Grant Cycle – March 10

If this date falls on a weekend, the application deadline will be adjusted to the following Monday.  Applications received after this date will be not be considered.   


Please note that the Foundation typically receives more requests than it can fund. Grantees may receive full or partial funding. Please be sure to note on your application if you will NOT be able to complete your project with partial funding.

Grant Submission

Grant applications may be submitted via email to, the Education Foundation of Teton Valley’s website, or hard copies may be turned in to the Education Foundation of Teton Valley’s office, located in Teton High School.  Please be sure to submit the completed application packet, including the Cover Sheet, Grant Narrative and Signature Sheet.

Grant Decision-making Process

  1. Grant application documents are reviewed by the Executive Director to ensure that the grant application is complete.
  2. Grant applications are assembled and sent to the Teton Valley Education Foundation’s Board of Directors for review.
  3. The Board of Directors discusses grant applications during their upcoming monthly meeting.  The board uses the Classroom Grant Rubric to score and rank grant applications.
  4. The Executive Director notifies each applicant by email regarding grant award decisions.  Grant recipients will also receive a Grant Contract, Reimbursement Form and a Grant Report form.
  5. The Grant Contract must be signed prior to any expenditure of funds. Each grant recipient must sign and return the Grant Contract, prior to submitting requests for reimbursement.

Purchases and Reimbursements

Grant recipients have three choices for making purchases for their grant:

  1. Out-of-Pocket: The rant recipient purchases items out-of-pocket.  The grant recipient then submits a reimbursement form and a copy of receipts.  The Education Foundation will mail a check to directly reimburse grant recipients.
  2. Education Foundation of Teton Valley: The grant recipient sets up an appointment with the EFTV staff to purchase items online using the Education Foundation’s credit card.
  3. School or District Office: Please do not use this option unless you will be receiving a significant discount that is available only through the school or district.. The school or district office purchases items. The grant recipient submits a reimbursement form and a copy of receipts.  The Education Foundation will mail a check to reimburse the school or district office. 

Final Grant Report

A Final Grant Report must be submitted to the Education Foundation within six (6) months of receiving the grant award. Future grant applications will not be considered until final reports from previous grants are submitted.

As part of the Final Grant Report, Grantees MUST submit photos of your project or program to the EFTV for use via electronic format, as well as a story on how the grant impacted your students. Please make sure that all students involved have media releases on file.


Contact Pam Walker via email at

Online Application

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    I understand that my proposal may become the basis for a funding contract. I AGREE TO ADHERE TO MY PROJECT BUDGET AND OTHER INFORMATION IN MY PROPOSAL.
    I agree that if funded, I/we will comply with all requirements set forth by the Education Foundation for the receipt of funds including FILLING OUT A SIGNED REIMBURSEMENT FORM found on the Education Foundation's website.
    Prior to the release of grant funds, I understand that I WILL BE REQUIRED TO SIGN A GRANT CONTRACT indicating that I will utilize Education Foundation funds as indicated in my proposal. It is my responsibility to keep a copy of the proposal for this use.
    I acknowledge that all items purchased for this grant are the PROPERTY OF THE TSD401 AND MUST REMAIN IN THE CLASSROOM UPON LEAVING THE SCHOOL DISTRICT.
    I AGREE TO PROVIDE A FINAL WRITTEN GRANT REPORT to the Education Foundation within six (6) months of the date grant funds are awarded. I understand that I may not submit future grant applications until all final report reports from previous grants are submitted.
    I understand that my proposal may be shared with others. Information from my proposal may be used on the Education Foundation's website, in local media and marketing materials, shared with potential donors and Education Foundation Committee, Board and Staff Members.
    I agree that I must provide an EVALUATION OF THE PROJECT ALONG WITH PHOTOS and that all students must have a signed media release form on file in the school office.