Classroom Grants

In order to qualify for the Grants Program, you must be a teacher or principal of Victor, Driggs and Tetonia Elementary Schools, Rendezvous Upper Elementary School, Teton Middle School, Teton High School and Basin High School. EFTV makes $5,000 available, three times per year (Sept. 10th, Jan. 10th, and Mar. 10th), to fund new programs, supplies, technology, books and field trips from our school community.

Please complete the following steps for a streamlined application process:

Step 2: Have your school principal send an email to, verifying approval of your grant request.


Step 3: Check your email for notification that your grant application has been received.

What Happens After Your Grant is Approved

Recipients:  Please complete the grant contract prior to use of funds. Use this form to agree to the grant rules.  Grant Contract

To Purchase Items Within Your Approved Grant: To use the funds, you can either purchase the items yourself and get reimbursed directly by the Education Foundation or you can work with the Education Foundation Executive Director to purchase the items on their credit card. Do not go through the district office for purchases unless arrangements have been made in advance with the Education Foundation. Use this Grant Payment_Reimbursement Form to request your reimbursement. 

After You Complete Your Project, you must complete a Grant Report Form within six month and prior to applying for another grant. Use this Grant Report Instructions for your Grant Report Form. Please explain  what you achieved with your grant and the impact it had on your students or work.  Please include photos!