Classroom Grants

In order to qualify for the Grants Program, you must be a teacher or principal of Victor, Driggs and Tetonia Elementary Schools, Rendezvous Upper Elementary School, Teton Middle School, Teton High School and Basin High School. TVEF makes $5,000 available, three times per year (Sept. 10th, Jan. 10th, and Mar. 10th), to fund new programs, supplies, technology, books and field trips from our school community.

We recommend the following steps for a streamlined application process:

Step 2: Download and Review Grant Writing Tips

This is a one page tip sheet that you can use to ensure your proposal has all the necessary elements our Board needs for consideration.

Step 3: Download and Review Sample Proposal

We offer this document to help you understand what we consider a strong proposal.

Step 4: Complete the application on your computer.

Step 5: Check your email for notification about the funding status of your proposal.

The TVEF Board makes the grant decisions at the board meeting scheduled after each proposal deadline. (Board meetings are the third Wednesday of every month.) Grant contracts will then be emailed to you and must be completed before any expenditures can be submitted.

 Step 6: If your proposal is funded, use the Grant Recipient Forms link below to download, complete and send the Grant Contract. Use the reimbursement form to obtain funding. Then download and complete the Final Report form by the deadline listed in your grant contract.

When you are ready, download the Grant Recipient Forms. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us via email at or call 307-277-5093.